Job ID: JCT - 1017
Job Title: ISR Operational Requirements – Mid Level
Location: Tampa, FL
Clearance: TS SSBI, CI Poly
Travel: Minimal - Less than 10%

TapHere has multiple openings for experienced all-source, senior Intelligence Analyst providing research, analysis, evaluation, and integration of raw intelligence data into all-source product reporting. Candidate will be responsible for a multi-intelligence discipline skill set using Structured Analytic (SA) techniques by sorting, convergent/divergent thinking, and competing hypotheses analysis to merge data into tailored, near and long-term assessments with confidence ratings derived from Director of National Intelligence (DNI) standards. Throughout this process, analysts focus and generate a common intelligence and operational picture depicting fused intelligence and information into finished products.

Core functions and responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:
• Providing near-term and current Regional Country geo-political and General Military Intelligence (GMI) --- orders of battle, training and exercises, force
disposition and readiness analysis of the USCENTCOM region and countries (AOR) and USCENTCOM Areas of Interest (AOI).
• Providing near-term and current analysis on regional terrorist organizations. Violent Extremist Organizations (VEO), illicit networks, insurgent groups and
related activities and issues within the CENTCOM AOR and the counterterrorism plans and intentions of AOR countries.
• Compiling foundational data and conduct near and long-term analysis of the socio-cultural dynamics, tribal analysis, and geospatial behavior and
interrelationships of key social groups in the AOR and AOI.
• Identification of intelligence gaps for specific target countries, networks, or individuals and working with Collection Managers for developing requests for
collection for national system implementation.
• Potential Task Lead requirements as the primary point of contact for government staff based on the specific functional area, e.g. country lead, threat
network analysis lead, ISR assessments lead.

Additional tasks to support the development of intelligence products include, but are not limited to:
• All source analysis of USCENTCOM AOR and USCENTCOM Areas of Responsibility
• Preparation of analytical assessments for presentation and dissemination at multiple classification levels and via a variety of media formats; formal
reporting, briefings, electronic exchange and internet applications.

• Developing analytical approaches to problems and situations for which data is incomplete, controversial, or no precedent exists.
• Based on the Agency's policies, analysts make recommendations concerning military capabilities to senior policymakers.
• Develop innovative approaches to analysis and validates analytical conclusions.
• Maintain and update intelligence databases, systems, and mechanisms for sharing relevant intelligence information to support ongoing and projected
• Gather and analyze information, and provide recommendations necessary for the Government to produce, disseminate, and apply intelligence products
in the following subject areas:
o Military capabilities/General Military Intelligence (GMI)/insurgent forces indications and Warning (I&W)/geo¬political-country analysts).
o Operations and Project Management Analysis.
o Order of Battle and Military Forces Analysis.
o Personality and Network Analysis.
o Improvised Explosive Device (Asymmetric Weapons Defeat Team) Analysis.
o Target Intelligence Analysis.
o Threat Financial Exploitation Analysis.
o Intelligence Process Improvement Analysis.
o Presentation and Graphics Analytical Support and Joint Intelligence Operations Center Analysis.
o Integrated Assessments.
o Support to Counterinsurgency Operations (COIN).
o Human Terrain Analysis/Socio-cultural.

**** May require to work shifts for extended periods of time ****

Experience Required:

• Active Top Secret clearance based on an SSBI with CI poly
• BS in business, political science, systems engineering, computer science, or an information technology discipline from an accredited university. Four years of operational experience may be substituted for the degree.

• 8 years experience with ISR systems planning, employment, tasking, and functional requirements
• Excellent problem-solving skills
• Excellent written and oral communication skills
• Ability to work independently overseas with no on-site company supervision as part of an integrated team supporting mission execution

Skills Required:

Self-starter with a sound knowledge of collection management processes and how ISR systems are utilized in an operational theater; ability to support and manage regional command level collection requirements using available sensors. Skilled at creating collection management strategies based on operational needs and knowledge of platform capabilities and inherent support capabilities.

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